Pen Farthing with fighting dog Nowzad in Afghanistan in 2006
Nowzad dogs charity, which rescues stray and abandoned animals from Afghanistan – 24 May 2013
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Former Afghanistan fighting dog Nowzad has not only found a new home in Britain but is also helping to save other abandoned animals. Pen Farthing was serving as a Troop Sergeant in the Royal Marines in Afghanistan in 2006 when he stumbled across Nowzad. He comments: “When we first arrived in the town of Now Zad I broke up a dog fight that was taking place right outside our remote compound. “What I didn’t know was that one of those fighting dogs would then befriend me! “I couldn’t say no to those big sad eyes and the now very former fighting dog became my buddy and found himself a name – ‘Nowzad’. At the end of his tour, unable to leave his new buddy behind – Pen hatched a plan to bring Nowzad back to the UK with him. Since then he has founded the Nowzad animal charity, which works to bring stray pets back to Britain from Afghanistan.
(Rex Features via AP Images)