They say happiness is a warm gun. If that’s the case, well, shooting the Fostech Arms Origin-12, a mag-fed semi-automatic 12-gauge tactical shotgun, must feel like a six-pack of Bud Light tallboys in heaven.  

30 rounds. 8 seconds. That’s pretty much all you need to know about the Origin-12. Built on an AK-style platform, it’s maybe the fastest semi-automatic shotgun in the world.

The Origin-12 in the video below is equipped with a Salvo 12 suppressor, a Trijicon RX30 sight, and a 30-round drum. The gun also accommodates five, eight, and 10-round magazines, as well as a 20-round drum.

Starting at $2,600, the Origin-12, which is available in black, hard nickel, and short-barreled versions, isn’t cheap, but is it worth the hefty price tag? Judging by the look on this guy’s face, yes. Yes it is.


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