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Bionic Exoskeleton designed by Ekso Bionics.
Bionic Exoskeleton designed by Ekso Bionics.
Ekso Bionics

How Exo Suits Should Be Used Today

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Yes, you read that correctly, Exoskeletal Suits are not only real, but have real world applications. According to a new report from the Center for New American Security the long-term plan is to fashion ironman suits for tactical and special operations purposes. In the interim, however, the suits have substantial utilitarian potential allowing an operator to easily lift large amounts of weight repeatedly.

The suits appear to have a future in maritime service, where there is a constant need for manual labor aboard ships, at ports and in shipbuilding facilities — all of which provide easy access to a steady power supply. We may be far from kicking in steel doors and throwing tanks at villains, but in the meantime, get ready for an Avengers costume party.

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