Robert A. McDonald
Robert A. McDonald Confirmation Hearing before the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, Washington DC, America - 22 Jul 2014
Robert A. McDonald, nominee for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, is sworn-in to testify during his confirmation hearing before the United States Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs
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Lauren Katzenberg

How Many People Have Really Been Fired Over VA Wait Time Scandal?

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Last week during NBC’s Meet the Press, Robert McDonald, the secretary of veterans affairs, announced that 900 employees have been fired since he took over, 60 of whom were involved in manipulating wait time data — a scandal that recently shook the embattled institution after it came to light that some veterans were being forced a month or longer for an appointment, with allegations that VA employees redacted data to cover it up.

But the Washington Post’s Fact Checker reports the numbers are actually quite lower, awarding McDonald’s claim four out of a possible five Pinocchios. According to WashPo, disciplinary action has been proposed for 75 employees since June 3, and of those only eight have been removed with 23 cases pending. Five employees opted to resign before a decision was made on their case. Of the 900 other employees? They were let go for a variety of reasons unrelated to the VA scandal, to include poor performance and absenteeism, and total roughly 0.3% of the department’s workforce.

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