Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins III speaks at his home in Oceanside, Calif.
Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins III speaks at his home in Oceanside, Calif.
AP photo by Chris Carlson

Marine Convicted Of 2006 Iraq Murder Will Not Serve Extra Time

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“I had ice in my veins,” he said. “It’s not who I am. It’s who I had to be in the situation I was in,” said Marine Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins III, during his court-martial, Thursday.

Hutchins was given a bad conduct discharge, and sentenced to time already served in confinement for the 2006 murder of a former Iraqi police officer. On Apr. 26, 2006, Hitchins led six Marines and a Navy Corpsman in the abduction and murder of 52-year-old retired policeman Hashim Ibrahim Awad, and staged it to suggest that Awad had been planting a bomb.

Hutchins was initially convicted in 2007 and served seven of his 11 years in military confinement, which left open the possibility of a four-year sentence.

Staff Sgt. Saul Lopez, who served with Hutchins, testified at the hearing, crediting Hutchins with his own survival.

“Every Marine on that patrol is now a convicted felon. Is that leadership?” asked prosecutor Samson Newsome.

“They are alive, sir. They are alive,” said Lopez.


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