Uber And Lyft Pledge Free Transportation To Veterans

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On Nov. 10, Uber and Lyft announced a new initiative to offer free rides to veterans to work, job interviews, and for other needs, Military Times reports. In partnership with the White House’s Joining Forces initiative, the ride-sharing platforms’ campaign is meant to help end veterans homelessness across the country.

According to a TechCrunch report, Uber has pledged 10,000 free rides, or $125,000 in profits, to the effort. It was unclear at the time of reporting how many rides Lyft plans to donate.

“We have heard time and time again that transportation to and from work and job interviews is often a significant hurdle for homeless veterans trying to find work,” Joining Forces executive director and Air Force colonel, Nicole Malachowski, wrote in a statement to Military Times.

“If a veteran is working a night shift or employed in a remote area of a city, public transportation is not always a viable option, and there is limited funding available for alternative transportation.”

The rides will begin in the coming months in collaboration with veterans organizations affiliated with the Labor Department’s Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program.


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