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To get out of the military and do anything is not easy. There’s an adjustment period — a time for learning how to be a civilian again. Few employers beyond the realm of law enforcement would consider a mastery of Battle Drills one through eight a “valuable” skill set, and knife hands and showing up to work in a pair of Ranger panties typically don’t go over well at the office. But to get out of the military and build six successful companies, while also producing and starring in a hit independent film — that sort of success turns that entire narrative on its head. Mat Best, president of Article 15 Clothing, did just that, and fast. After five deployments with the Army, and a stint as a CIA contractor, the former Ranger rose to become one of the most influential post-9/11 veterans outside of politics. And he’s only 29. What’s his secret to success? That’s a question for another time. Right now, let’s just focus on the good stuff.

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As a U.S. Army Green Beret and a top contender in the UFC, few people on Earth are better versed in the sacred art of kicking ass and taking names than Tim Kennedy. He’s the guy terrorists tell their children about to scare them into saying their prayers at night. But what makes this gunslinger really tick? Read on to find out.

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