Marine vet in 29 Palms found guilty of making more than 10,000 threatening calls to government offices

A Twentynine Palms man who federal prosecutors said made over 10,000 harassing phone calls to government offices, which included threats to kill congressional staffers, was convicted Wednesday on six counts


A Marine lance corporal's bored selfie got his unit 'killed' at 29 Palms

A junior Marine got his artillery unit into a serious bind after snapping a photo during a massive force-on-force training exercise in California's Mojave Desert


The Marine Corps is gearing up for one of its largest war games in decades at 29 Palms

The Marine Corps hasn't done anything like it in decades.


Marine Corps confirms two 7-ton trucks collided in August, sending 30 Marines to the hospital

"We were really worried that some of our friends might've died," one Marine said. "The front ends of the 7-tons were just completely destroyed."


The Marines are training to fight big wars again

The Marine Corps is already training to fight a war against a "near peer" adversary such as China or Russia.