Photo via Wikimedia Commons

In 1868, the Grand Army of the Republic created Decoration Day to honor the soldiers who died in the U.S. Civil War. Since then, the day has evolved into Memorial Day, a national holiday celebrated on the last Monday of May each year.

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U.S. Air National Guard Photo by Tech. Sgt. Carl Clegg

Early November is a magical time of year. The Halloween decorations are finally starting to be put away and cardboard cutouts of turkeys in Pilgrim hats are taking their place. People begin to stop enjoying the number of unseasonably warm days and start worrying about how hard winter's going to hit when it finally does. News networks start endlessly airing stories about the horrors of Black Friday even though nobody actually buys stuff in physical stores anymore because it's 2015. Folks in places like California and Florida experience no changes in weather or lifestyle whatsoever, but to hell with them.

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Photo via National Archives

So here we are again. Veterans Day is upon us. The parades, the awkward “thank you” handshakes, and the free meal at some chain restaurant you normally don’t frequent otherwise, but hey, breadsticks are breadsticks. Remembrance Day in many countries, it’s when we remember and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

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