Rep. Gallego: Shanahan's involvement in a 'cover-up' of the Niger attack is disqualifying

"Everything we're seeing right now is basically a cover-up that's occurring at the Pentagon and among general officers."


No signs of an imminent US invasion of Venezuela as Maduro stays in power, for now

At the moment, it does not appear that the Pentagon is prepared to go full Leroy Jenkins and deploy the 82nd Airborne Division over downtown Caracas.


US and Japan do not think that China will find the wreckage of a missing Japanese F-35

The CIA attempted to retrieve a sunken Soviet submarine in 1974. The mission was partially successful.


The Pentagon's chief spokesman can't explain why it's been nearly a year since the last televised briefing

The Pentagon vows to brief again, don't know where, don't know when.


Shanahan says new Niger review will be completed quickly but won’t say when it will be finished

"To the families: I'm not trying to delay a report.When I undertook the role, I wanted time to review the investigation, and really this is just an expedited way for me to make sure I have enough time to understand the reports and the details, so I expect this to go very, very quickly."