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21 US Military Operation Names In Africa, Ranked

Vice News has obtained a list of at least 21 named U.S. military operations that have taken place or are still ongoing on the African continent, so we might as well figure out which names are badass and which are just incredibly absurd. You’re welcome. As Vice’s Nick Turse reports, the military apparently has more […]

Exclusive: 2 Marines Received Valor Awards For Secret Gunfight Against Al Qaeda In North Africa

Two members of Marine Special Operations Command received valor awards for their heroism during a gun battle last year with al Qaeda militants in Northern Africa, a spokeswoman for U.S. Africa Command confirmed on Wednesday. While on a three-day operation to train, advise, and assist partner forces in the unnamed country — which the command […]

Mystery Lasers Are Messing With US Pilots Near A Critical Overseas Base

The skies above a crucial U.S. military base in Africa are reportedly doing their best impression of a Pink Floyd laser show at your local planetarium — and that may end up causing major problems at a strategic chokepoint that’s increasingly subject to aggressive competition between global military powers. The Federal Aviation Administration issued a […]

This Is One Of The Biggest Reasons Why The Deadly Ambush In Niger Won’t Be The Last

The four Army Special Forces personnel killed by ISIS militants in Niger last year as part of the Department of Defense’s deepening counterterrorism fight across Africa are unlikely to be the last U.S. service members to die in combat there. That is, unless the Pentagon invests heavily in its rapid-response medical and casualty evacuation efforts […]

5 Months After A Deadly Mission, Troops In Niger Are Finally Getting Danger Pay

In recognition of their dangerous mission, U.S. troops in Niger will now receive up to $225 a month in “imminent danger pay” – five months after Islamic State fighters ambushed and killed four U.S. soldiers in the African country, a defense official told Task & Purpose. As of Wednesday, the official could not say how […]