A screenshot from a YouTube video showing the .950 JDJ rifle from SSK Industries being fired.
This 950-Caliber Rifle Kicks Like A Beast
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Man shoot AR-15
This Roofing Job Has Great Benefits, Like A Free AR-15
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A screenshot from a YouTube video by Demolition Ranch shows Matt Carriker firing an AR-15 at a block of titanium.
What Does It Take To Actually Penetrate A Block Of Titanium?
One guy went to extreme lengths to find out just how bulletproof titanium is — meaning he shot a block of it with just about every gun he owns.
A YouTube screenshot shows Matt Carriker, the host of Demolition Ranch cutting a telephone in half with an AR-15.
Watch This Guy Blast A Telephone Pole In Half With An AR-15
A YouTube video by Demolition Ranch shows just how many rounds it takes to cut a telephone pole in half. It takes a lot.
X Products' Can Cannon
The Can Cannon Soda Launcher Is The Most Epic AR-15 Accessory On The Market
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Why Your Rifle Magazines Make A Big Difference
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The 413 Lads
First-Time Shooter Traumatized After Firing ‘AK-AR-15-Shotgun’
This slickly-produced parody video of a ‘reporter’ suffering a post-traumatic episode after firing a shotgun is a Kuntzian masterpiece.
Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 3.35.58 PM
Video Mocking Journalist Who Claimed PTSD From AR-15 Goes Viral
This hilarious reenactment of New York Daily News journalist Gersh Kuntzman’s traumatizing encounter with an AR-15 is a real tear-jerker.
Ted Cruz Assault Weapons
There’s A Small Problem With That Video Of Ted Cruz Cooking Bacon With A ‘Machine Gun’
Senator, I hope you enjoyed the bacon, but that’s a rifle, not a machine gun.