Contractor killed in Kenya attack was a week away from leaving the job

Dustin Harrison's job was to pilot a twin-engine Beechcraft King Air 350 with cameras and sensors for aerial survey.


You can now buy your very own abandoned nuclear missile complex for just $400,000

For 24 years, the complex was home to an armed Titan II ICBM, the largest land missile ever held by the U.S.


These military bases will regularly face blistering 100-degree heat by 2050, study warns

Two military bases in Florida and one in Arizona will see heat indexes over 100 degrees four months out of every year if steps aren't taken to reduce carbon emissions, a new study warns.


The Air Force is investigating how white phosphorus rockets ended up all over a Tucson road

The Air Force is currently investigating an August incident that saw rockets outfitted with white phosphorus warheads spill out of a military vehicle onto an Tucson roadway, Task & Purpose has learned


An Arizona man is suing a body-donation company after the Army blew up his mother's corpse

Jim Stauffer said he donated the body of his mother, Doris Stauffer, to the for-profit Biological Resource Center after she died in hospice care in 2013, hoping that it could conduct research into Alzheimer's, a disease she had — but he learned after a 2016 Reuters investigation that her body had been used for a U.S. Army research project looking at bomb impact