Army Greens - Task & Purpose
Soldier models pose in the final prototypes of the proposed "pinks and greens" dress uniforms

These bases will be the first to receive the Army's new 'pink and greens' uniform

Army uniform officials have released an updated plan to field the new World War II-style Army Green Service Uniform (AGSU) at select bases beginning later this year

Soldier Models of the proposed Pink and Green daily service uniform display the outfits overcoat, as they render the hand salute during the National Anthem at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during the Army-Navy Game December 9, 2017.

The Army's new 'pink and greens' are coming to new soldiers in 2021

The Army's 'pink and green' uniforms will arrive in the hands of new soldiers by 2021, with recruiters and drill sergeants expected to receive the World War II-era throwback uniform by the end of the year