U.S. Army

Good news, green-suiters: The Army is finally admitting that its physical fitness test “in no way helps Soldiers focus on preparing to do their jobs.”

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Photo via The Rock/YouTube

It is a matter of scientific certainty that the American military churns out some of the toughest warriors in the history of mankind. The training programs for elite units like the Navy SEALs are enough to liquefy the insides of the average civilian. In the right place, under the right circumstance, the American service member can be the deadliest creature on the planet.

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Army photo by Spc. Joshua Petke

December is the month when you’re supposed to be getting out of shape. But if you plan to either join the Army or reclassify from a “soft” military occupational specialty, like water treatment specialist, to a more physically demanding job, like infantryman, in 2017, you’d better skip the eggnog and reach for the dumbells instead. Because on Jan. 1, the Army is rolling out its all new, top-of-the-line occupational physical assessment test. The OPAT will help determine whether you’ve got what it takes, in your muscles and in your heart and in your balls, to serve on the front lines in the deadliest game known to man: War.

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