These Veterans Teach Gun Owners To Go On The Offensive And ‘Win The Fight’
Illinois’ concealed carry law requires lots of training.
Vet With PTSD, Service Dog Suing Airline After ‘Abusive’ Treatment
She was denied boarding and grilled by airline employees about her dog and her illness.
New York Army National Guard Honor Guard member Spc. Taylor Kuchera plays "Taps" at a New York veteran's funeral in Dec. 2015.
Dozens of Strangers Honor WWII Vet Who Died Without Relatives To Claim Him
Sheriff’s deputies learned that Byrd has served in the Army, and then other veterans stepped forward for one of their own.
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Health & Fitness
This Vet Lost His Leg To An IED. Since Then, He’s Completed 26 Marathons
Losing his leg to an IED hasn’t kept Freddie De Los Santos from finishing 26 competitive races.
Matthew Whalen, left, died of a sporadic subarachnoid brain bleed on Dec. 20. After his death, Whalen’s organs were donated to save the lives of two other veterans.
Former Soldier Receives Emotional Final Salute Before Donating His Organs To 2 Vets
Matthew Whalen was diagnosed with a terminal brain hemorrhage. After his death, his organs were donated to two vets.
A local U.S. Army soldier salutes unclaimed veteran James Beavers’ casket during a memorial service, Dec. 17, 2015.
1200 People Attended A Funeral For An Unclaimed Army Veteran
The Vietnam War-era veteran received full military honors in a funeral attended by 1200 strangers.
Planned Parenthood Attack
Army Vet Killed In Planned Parenthood Attack Died ‘A Hero’
An Army vet was killed in the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting Nov. 27 trying to warn others.