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The Army is currently on track to officially select a brand new armed scout helicopter by some time in 2020, and with several future vertical life prototypes flexing their muscles in a bid for the freakishly lucrative contract, the service's chief advocacy group decided to remind the world where the inspiration for its new copter really came from.

So Avatar at $30 million a pop, basically.

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When the war between man and machine comes — and it inevitably will — the battle lines will be clearly drawn: Humans on one side, robots on the other. But what about cyborgs? Where will their loyalties lie? Nobody knows (yet), but keep that very important question in mind as we consider the recent unveiling of Method-2, a massive bipedal robot that is controlled by a person seated inside of its hulking torso like a futuristic baby kangaroo.  

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Yes, Space Marines. And why not? As more and more of science fiction becomes science fact, why wouldn't the Marine Corps make the leap to space? Marines have always supported our nation's Navy, and in some militaristic future, orbital fleets will still need Marines, the same way naval fleets do. Except these devil dogs won't be storming beaches, but moons.

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