Winkler Knives

Winkler Knives has become synonymous with excellence when it comes to outdoor multipurpose blades, especially after the world learned that founder Daniel Winkler — the same North Carolina-based knife maker who created the various axes for the incredible The Last Of The Mohicans — supplied members of SEAL Team 6's Red Squadron with specialty tomahawks for missions abroad.

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Photo via Biohazard/The Black Vault

When the dead eventually walk the face of the earth, your weapon of choice may be the deciding factor as to whether you live or die. Guns are useless once you run out of ammo, the crossbow or compound bow are clumsy and inefficient, and a bludgeoning tool requires a ton of muscle to fully destroy the brain. And don’t even think about using your fists.

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Whiskey River Art and Training Co

There’s a line from Robert Heinlein’s military sci-fi classic Starship Troopers that’s always stuck with me: “If you load a mudfoot down with a lot of gadgets that he has to watch, someone a lot more simply equipped — say with a stone axe — will sneak up and bash his head in while he is trying to read a vernier."

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