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Navy OKs beards, turbans, and hijabs worn for religious reasons, though key questions remain

The Sikh Coalition has a few lingering questions for the Navy, which approved the uncovered wearing of a range of articles of faith on March 16


Air Force OKs beards, turbans, and hijabs worn for religious reasons

The regulation formalizes a waiver process for future airmen seeking to wear turbans, hijab or beards


Beards ashore: Navy's personnel boss says he's open to considering them in future

"We know it's a hot topic, we know many of you want it...I'll be quite honest with you, I get it even within my family from some service members."


We salute this Air Force general for his epic post-retirement face armor

It is an indisputable, undeniable truth that veterans absolutely love their post-service beards, and this love makes no exceptions based on rank