Brittany Jacobs and her son Christian, 5, visit the grave of her husband and his father, U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Christopher Jacobs, in Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery for Memorial Day.
Family & Relationships
What Happens When A Blue Star Turns Gold
Nothing can prepare you for the loss of a military family member, but there is hope for survivors.
Connie Crisler, a military spouse, goes through the growing pile of bills she is struggling to pay at her Augusta, Ga. home.
Family & Relationships
Mil Spouse Unemployment Has Economic Impact Of Nearly $1 Billion
A recent report found that military spouse unemployment could have a negative impact of up to a billion dollars each year.
Maelee, 5, Evelyn, 1, Charlie, 14, Talia, 9, MiKaley, 16, and Kyra, 13 talk about growing up in the military.
Family & Relationships
5 Stories Only Military Kids Can Tell
Task & Purpose sat down with service members’ kids to talk about growing up military.
A photo of Colleen Cekovsky, her husband Chris, and their two children.
How A Neighborhood Pulled Together To Help A Family Cope With Deployment
In 2014, when Colleen Cekovsky’s husband deployed to Afghanistan, her neighbors rallied to her aid.
Sharlay Smith poses for a photo in the Jacksonville, Florida home office where she runs the website which matches up employers with military spouses looking for work.
Mil Spouses: Convert Your Job Into A Teleworking Role
Consider these five steps to pitching your boss on teleworking before resigning from your current position due to orders.
Spouse Appreciation Day
Uncertainty Among Military Families Dominates Results Of Lifestyle Survey
Blue Star Families’ annual survey, released Oct. 28, points to feelings of financial uncertainty within military community.
Military Saves Week, 'Set a Goal, Make a Plan, Save Automatically'
Military Benefits
Why Service Members Should Receive Financial Literacy Training
We teach service members how to shoot guns and roll Humvees, but not how to balance their budgets.