Photo via DoD

The U.S. military currently has over 1.3 million men and women on active duty, and more than 450,000 stationed around the globe.

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Russia may be weak when it comes to economic growth and national population growth, but the country’s still armed to the teeth when it comes to rocket power. According to the Center for Strategic International Studies’ Missile Defense Project, Moscow exercises control over the largest arsenal of short and long-range missiles in the world, from tactical rockets for regional warfare to intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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Photo by DoD/USMC Flickr

America’s military presence worldwide is about to get even bigger. President Trump’s proposed 10% increase to the Department of Defense budget, a whopping $54 billion, is alone greater than what every country on the planet except China and Saudi Arabia spend on their militaries annually, according to Quartz. Flush with cash, the armed services are locked, stocked, and ready to fight — and then some.

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