Photo via General Motors

In January, the Army began officially testing the Chevy Colorado ZH2, the first ground-mobility combat vehicle that, if fielded, would be powered by a revolutionary new hydrogen fuel cell. The result of a $4 million collaboration between GM and the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center (TARDEC), a functional hydrogen fuel cell would mean a greatly diminished heat signature and near-silent electric power system, making the ZH2 not just a more efficient pickup for military operations, but a strategically valuable asset downrange. Less noise means less exposure, which means less risk of showing up on enemy scopes.

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Screen grab from YouTube

The Army seems to go through ground mobility vehicles about as fast as it goes through different uniforms. In the last fifteen years, the Humvee, Stryker, and MRAP, which are responsible for safely transporting our troops in combat zones, have all been fielded throughout the force and seen heavy use in combat theatres. Now, the Army is considering a more maneuverable option that boasts groundbreaking fuel technology and bears little resemblance to its heavy-handed predecessors: a Chevy Colorado ZH2 pickup truck.

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