Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on Business Insider

In September 1940, World War II was a year old. The US was still a noncombatant, but it was preparing for a fight.

That month, the US introduced the Selective Training and Service Act — the first peacetime draft in US history. Mobilizing the millions of troops was a monumental task and essential to deploying "the arsenal of democracy" that President Franklin D. Roosevelt called on Americans to provide.

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Screenshot from "Citizen Soldier" trailer

A few years ago, directors David Salzberg and Christian Tureaud were introduced to a young sergeant in the Oklahoma National Guard who had combat footage from his deployment to eastern Afghanistan in 2011. The sergeant, Eran Harrill, explained that he was hoping to make a film, but he didn’t want it to be about him. Instead, he wanted it to be about some of the soldiers who didn’t make it back from that deployment alive.

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