Arlington National Cemetary
5 Times Brands Forgot The Meaning Of Memorial Day
Sometimes brands miss the meaning of Memorial Day, seeing it as a chance to promote themselves over a long weekend.
In this July 12, 2010 photo, journalist and documentary film maker Sebastian Junger poses for a photo in Toronto.
Sebastian Junger: Over-Valorizing Vets Does More Harm Than Good
Task & Purpose spoke with the “Restrepo” director about his upcoming book, “Tribe,” and why over-valorizing veterans only does more harm than good.
Army soldiers scale wall
There’s A Problem With The Warrior-Caste System Developing In America
A veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan reflects on the civilian-military divide and the risk of a Warrior-Caste society.
Alma Mater statue at Columbia University
College Student Gets Owned When He Tries To Impose Apartment Rules On Army Veteran Roommate
A demanding new college roommate got a lesson in civility from the U.S. Army veteran he was assigned to live with.
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Civilian-Military Divide Continues To Grow As Force Size Shrinks
A Vox video explains that the civilian-military divide is growing because fewer Americans are serving.
Why Civilians Don’t Relate To Veterans
Civilians want to connect with veterans, but we’re not giving them the time of day.
The Civilian-Military Gap Is More Of A Drift Than A Divide
Neither population has intentionally chosen to isolate itself from the other. Instead, a “drift” has occurred.
Participants in the Team Red, White and Blue-Tucson’s Boston Marathon Attack Response Run celebrate during the last leg of the three-mile run in Tucson, Ariz., Apri 17, 2013.
How To Stop Hanging Out With Other Vets And Bridge The Civilian-Military Divide
Get off the Playstation, go outside, and go meet some people without high-and-tights.
U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno gives a testimony about the  Army of 2016 during his visit to Capitol Hill in Washington, Jan. 28, 2015.
How Recent Congressional Action Has Hurt The Trust Of The Armed Forces
Recent military reforms on Capitol Hill demonstrate the ongoing strains that are contributing to the civilian-military divide.
Soldier phone
Bridging The Civilian-Military Divide? Just Skimm It
Perhaps unexpectedly, a newsletter start-up called theSkimm has helped to bridge the civilian-military divide.
civilian-military divide
The Military Is Not Doing Enough To Bridge The Civilian-Military Divide
The military needs to play a bigger role in connecting troops to the public and promoting organizations that bring service members and communities together.
Soldiers from the 423rd Military Police Company march in formation to kick off the departure ceremony held June 12 at the unit located in Shoreham, N.Y. More than 500 family members, friends and community leaders spent several hours with the Soldiers. The 423rd will depart for Fort Bliss for training before deploying to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in support of military police operations for U.S. forces.
6 Simple Ways To Be The Veteran America Needs
As a modern veteran, you will play a big part in the next chapter of American history, but that’s pretty daunting. Here are six simple things you can do.