A YouTube screenshot of a video spoof called "Dog Wick" by Rocket Jump.
In Hilarious ‘John Wick’ Spoof, The Dog Is Back And Looking For Vengeance
This video answers two key questions: What if John Wick died instead of his dog? And what if his dog was actually a highly trained killing machine?
Roger Goodell is the NFL commissioner.
Everybody Loves Barstool Sports … Except The NFL
In a surprising move, the NFL revoked Barstool Sports’ media credentials.
A screenshot via YouTube of comedian and active-duty soldier Yusha Thomas in a video about morning PT.
The 7 Soldiers You Deal With During Morning PT
A video by online celebrity and entertainer Yusha Thomas perfectly captures the different types of soldiers during morning PT.
A screengrab from a YouTube video of Steve Mazan performing during the Late Show with David Letterman on Dec. 7, 2010.
Being Funny Doesn’t Make You A Comedian. Yeah, Really
Steve Mazan, a Navy veteran and professional comedian, explains how to set up and deliver a killer joke.
Marine veteran Michael Garvey performs during a Comedy Bootcamp stand-up event put on by the Armed Services Arts Partnership on Nov. 8 in Washington, D.C.
These Veterans Prove That Military Life Can Be A Laughing Matter
As part of a comedy class, military veterans celebrated their graduation with a stand-up performance in Washington, D.C.
On set shooting the pilot in Manhattan. From left to right: our fantastic lead, Chris LaCour, as Marine vet Danny Butler; executive producer Dan Klein at the desk for his cameo role; Mooney, right, giving notes; executive producer Tom Mooney with the mane of silver hair.
Sarcasm, Scotch, And Veteran Stereotypes Led This Former Marine To Produce His Own TV Pilot
Marine vet Paul Mooney explains why he created the TV pilot “Vetted,” a comic story of being a veteran.