AUSTRALIAN ARMY BASE ROBERTSON BARRACKS, Darwin – Cpl. John Sosa, landing support specialist, 7th Engineer Support Battalion, Combat Logistic Detachment, Marine Rotational Force Darwin, makes his way to an MV-22B Osprey to perform an external lift at the Mount Bundey Training Area, May 26, 2017

Commandant vows the Marine Corps won’t force anyone out as it gets leaner to fight China

Over the next 10 years, the Marine Corps plans to shrink from about 186,000 to roughly 170,000 active-duty Marines.


Marine commandant says senior leaders have not explained to troops the risks of using TikTok

"Once they begin to understand the risks, what the impact to them is tactically … then it becomes clear. I don't blame them for that. This is a training and education that we have to do."


'We have to go on a diet' — the Marine Corps is slimming down to successfully fight China and Russia, commandant says

"We will absolutely fight combined arms, but will not take them on in a symmetrical fashion," said Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger. "That would be stupid. That would be dumb."


How the new Marine commandant plans to lead in the social media age

The Marine Corps' new commandant is not one to micromanage -- but he expects his leaders to be squared away and put their Marines on the right path when they're misbehaving.