Photo via Trailblazer Firearms

Here at Task & Purpose, we have a deep, abiding appreciation for all manners of firearms-related ingenuity, whether it’s the 19th century-inspired MA Loader or the double-barreled pistol designed to resemble your average smartphone. But when it comes to combining gunsmithing with the logic of everyday carry, the LifeCard from North Carolina's Trailblazer Firearms may take the cake.

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Photo by Bowen Knife Company

Imagine this: After a raucous evening out with friends at your favorite watering hole, you stroll home, only to encounter a heinous goon dead set on relieving you of your wallet and valuables. It’s not an impossible scenario, sadly: The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s most recent batch of national crime data indicated there were 300,000 robberies in 2015 alone. Violent crime has been on the decline in the US for decades, but the casual mugging is still a sad reality for many Americans.

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Photo by Nunchuck Grips

As I wrote last week, weapons like that savage Cyclone spiral knife are designed with a very specific function in mind: to intimidate. But despite the effectiveness of say, the threat of a getting brained with a spiked pommel or filleted with stainless steel, it’s often inappropriate to wander the sleepy streets of your hometown with a deadly weapon swinging from your hip. So how do you protect yourself without scaring the bejesus out of innocent bystanders at the same time?

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