A Coast Guard seaman accused of murder was released from a San Diego brig Monday as the admiral overseeing his prosecution ordered a new hearing in the case.

Seaman Ethan W. Tucker, 21, was arrested August 28 after a seven-month Coast Guard investigation into the January death of Seaman Ethan Kelch, 19, who served on the same ship as Tucker— the Douglas Munro, a high endurance cutter based in Kodiak, Alaska.

Tucker is charged with murder, involuntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, making false official statements, obstruction of justice and failure to obey orders. He has not entered a plea and won't do so unless his case is referred to a court-martial.

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The Air Force is urging airmen to avoid using any products with cannabidiol oil, also known as CBD oil. Why? Because products with CBD oil can make airmen test positive during a urine test for the presence of marijuana, which is still illegal under federal law.

The Air Force announcement comes three months after the Department of Defense reminded service members that CBD use is "completely forbidden."

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Editor's Note: This article by Gina Harkins originally appeared on Military.com, a leading source of news for the military and veteran community.

A controversial legal opinion that determined court-martialing military retirees was unconstitutional has been withdrawn.

The Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals will reconsider the case of Stephen Begani, a retired Navy chief petty officer who faced a court-martial after leaving the military. The court also withdrew its July 31 opinion on court-martialing retirees, according to an Oct. 1 order.

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A military jury sentenced Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher to a reduction in rank to E-6, along with four months confinement and forfeiture of pay on Wednesday.

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Photo: Capt. Adam Miller/US Marine Corps

A military appeals court on Monday dismissed the conviction of a Marine colonel who had been found guilty of child sexual abuse in 2017.

Col. Daniel H. Wilson, who was sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison and dismissal from the Marine Corps after being convicted in Sept. 2017, will now potentially face a re-sentencing hearing after the Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals concluded that the charge of sexual abuse was "legally and factually insufficient," wrote senior judge Navy Cmdr. Angela J. Tang.

Two other appeals court judges concurred with the conclusion.

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Photo: Paul Szoldra/Task & Purpose

SAN DIEGO (Reuters) - Closing arguments were due in San Diego on Monday in the war crimes trial of a decorated U.S. Navy SEAL platoon leader charged with murdering a helpless Iraqi captive in his custody and shooting unarmed civilians.

The court-martial of Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher neared the conclusion of its trial phase after a bumpy two weeks of testimony for Navy prosecutors in a case that has drawn the attention of U.S. President Donald Trump.

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