Shawn Oliger.
Man Charged With Impersonating A Marine And Collecting $130,000 From The VA
A man claiming to be a U.S. Marine who raked in $130,000 from the VA now faces charges for stealing federal money.
David Shulkin, the Under Secretary of Health at the Department of Veterans Affairs, leaves a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower, Monday, Jan. 9, 2017, in New York.
Trump’s VA Pick Is The First Non-Veteran For The Role
Trump announces David Shulkin to head the Department of Veterans Affairs. If confirmed he’ll be the first non-veteran to fill the post.
Most Doctors Outside VA Lack Training To Handle Vets’ Health Issues
There are plenty of problems in the veteran health care system, but it’s not clear care is better outside it.
This Veteran Has Been Waiting 5 Months For The VA To Get Him His Wheelchair
“This is not typical of the way we do business here," administrator says.
On Thursday, October 9, 2014, VA Secretary Bob McDonald held a Town Hall employee meeting at VA Central Office in Washington, D.C.
VA Improperly Withheld Millions Of Dollars In Benefits
The latest chapter in the too-long story of poor management, inadequate computers, and employees who lack accountability.
A sculpture portraying a wounded soldier being helped on the grounds of the Minneapolis Veteran Affairs Hospital.
Veterans Benefits
How The VA Is Partnering With The Private Sector To Solve Its Biggest Problems
The VA held an innovation demonstration in Washington, D.C., showcasing 33 new projects being field-tested across the country.
A sculpture portraying a wounded soldier being helped on the grounds of the Minneapolis VA Hospital.
Vets With Chronic Pain Find Relief At VA’s Pain Schools
The VA’s pain schools offer a way to treat chronic pain that doesn’t rely on prescription drugs like opioids.