'It’s as if they’re serving a life sentence' — Lawmakers call for faster citizenship for foreign-born vets after Marine deported to El Salvador

"The destruction of programs that have allowed for rapid military naturalization severely inhibit our nation's military readiness."


'They snuck him out in the middle of the night' — Marine vet suddenly deported to El Salvador

U.S. Marine combat veteran Jose Segovia Benitez was deported Tuesday night to El Salvador to the surprise of his lawyers who were told they had more time to fight for him


'Chicago is my home' — Army vet deported to Mexico returns to the US to fight for citizenship

Army veteran Miguel Perez Jr. was allowed temporary travel to the U.S. for an immigration hearing, to decide if he can obtain citizenship after being deported in 2018 over nonviolent drug charges


Emails show the VA took no action to spare veterans from a harsh Trump immigration policy

Top officials of the Department of Veterans Affairs declined to step in to try to exempt veterans and their families from a new immigration rule that would make it far easier to deny green cards to low-income immigrants, according to documents obtained by ProPublica under a Freedom of Information Act request


Customs and Border Patrol denied a Marine vet entry into the US for his a scheduled citizenship interview

A deported Marine Corps veteran who has been unable to come back to the U.S. for more than a decade was denied entry to the country Monday morning when he asked to be let in for a scheduled citizenship interview