7 visceral WWI movies and shows to watch after you experience '1917'

Movies so real you'll worry about trench foot


A new documentary tells the heroic story of the first Marine to earn the Medal of Honor since Vietnam

A new documentary project aims to tell the story of Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham who gave his life to save his fellow Marines.


A new documentary series about Clint Lorance pits the infantry officer convicted of murder against his former soldiers

The fog of war, just kills, and war crimes are the focus of a new documentary series about Lt. Clint Lorance, the Army infantry officer who was convicted on murder charges for ordering his soldiers to fire on three unarmed Afghan men on a motorcycle, killing two and wounding the third.


New documentary aims to tell the story of the deadliest attack at sea in the history of U.S. war

1,138 lives were lost when the H.M.T. Rohna was sunk in 1943 by German bombers.


A new WWII documentary chronicles the heroism of B-17 bomber crews and the horrors they endured

"The Cold Blue" chronicles the heroism of those B-17 bomber crews of WWII who took to the sky to face the horrors of enemy fighters and clouds of flak, day after day.