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Do you want to shed those winter pounds before summer starts off without kicking your alcohol habit? Good news: drinking tequila may actually help you lose weight.

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One depressing fact about getting older is that you can’t drink like you could when you were young. Well, you can, but it will hurt a lot more, and in ways you never imagined. The transformation usually occurs, or begins to occur, in your late 20s. When once a night of heavy drinking was followed by little more than a minor headache and a few regrets, now it’s a soul-crushing ordeal that can last for days. But when you’re in the military, calling in sick isn’t an option. Hungover or not, you’re still waking up at the crack of dawn to do PT. That unfortunate reality is the focus of Army veteran and YouTube personality Yusha Thomas’ hilarious new video, titled “Drinking As You Get Older In The Military.” Take a look.

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Photo via the U.S. Army

Every so often after work, I stop by the officers’ club at my base to see what’s going on. Without fail, unless I go to meet up with specific people or there’s a special event, the place is deader than Elvis. I’ll wave at the bartender and awkwardly look around as if I’m looking for someone, then make a quick about face.

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