Iraqi Freedom
Stop Calling Servicewomen Girls
The way we refer to women matters, even if we don't realize it.
Sean Yetman, pictured, impersonated an Army Ranger at Oxford Valley Mall in Pennsylvania, and was confronted by a soldier who called him out for Stolen Valor.
Don’t Make Excuses For Stolen Valor
A counterpoint to the Task & Purpose article published on Tuesday, “That Valor Isn’t Yours To Defend.”
In a screenshot from a YouTube video produced by RangerUp, an obviously fake Army veteran defends his behavior.
That Valor Isn’t Yours To Defend
Valor cannot be claimed and doesn’t need to be defended because it can’t be stolen, so stop beating people up over it.
Ranger students from Charlie Company, 5th Ranger Training Battalion do pull-ups before breakfast at "Mountain Phase" on March 22, 2014.
Will The Army Go Through With Letting Women Into Ranger School?
More than 100 servicewomen have been killed fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan; isn't it time the military gives them the proper training to survive in combat?
women in marine corps
Why Is The Marine Corps Gazette Undermining The Corps On Women In Combat?
The Marine Corps needs to reign in its professional association or publicly distance itself from its activities.