The Liberator feature

These are the real-life soldiers behind Netflix's WWII miniseries 'The Liberator'

The men of the 45th Infantry Division fought for each other, as all soldiers do, but they also fought for their country. Not for what it was — with its segregation, its double standards, and its signs in front of businesses saying who could shop or eat or drink there — but for what it could be.

Liberator 2x1

‘The Liberator’ is a visually stunning and grim World War II series unlike any other

A new animated World War II series is coming to Netflix — and it is well worth your time when it premieres on Veterans Day


The iconic Vietnam War novel ‘The Things They Carried’ is getting a film with a star-studded cast

Tom Hardy will embrace his third major military role after Black Hawk Down and Dunkirk as he leads an ensemble cast in 'The Things They Carried', a new movie based on Pultizer Prize-finalist Tim O'Brien's short story collection of the same name about his experiences during Vietnam

That One Scene Die Hard

That one scene in 'Live Free or Die Hard' that revealed a real-life problem with the F-35

There are few people in the world who can go up against a Marine Corps F-35B Joint Strike Fighter with nothing more than a semi-trailer truck and their wits. Luckily, John McClane is that man

Battle LA

‘Battle: Los Angeles’ is actually the best post-9/11 military movie

As far as I’m concerned, 'Battle: Los Angeles' is the greatest post-9/11 military movie. Here's why