Retired Army Lt. Gen. Harold "Hal" Moore Jr. attends the West Point football spring scrimmage at Doughboy Stadium in Fort Benning, Ga. March 9, 2012.
Legendary Soldier Hal Moore Will Be Laid To Rest With A Public Funeral
The public has been invited to attend the funeral of retired Lt. Gen. Hal Moore, who was depicted in the film “We Were Soldiers.”
Rangers assemble prior to the 2015 Ranger Rendezvous Change of Command at U.S. Army Fort Benning, 25 June, 2015.
Exclusive: The 75th Ranger Regiment Is No Longer An All-Male Unit
The 75th Ranger Regiment has been a boys-only club since its inception. That just changed.
Students from the Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course (IBOLC), Class 07-16, celebrate with their families and fellow classmates after graduation, October 26, 2016, here, at McGinnis-Wickam Hall.
10 Women Graduate From Fort Benning’s Infantry Officer Training
The 10 women join Capt. Kristen Griest as the only female infantry officers.
A team of Iraqi army ranger students conducts a glass house room clearing drill as their leadership watches at Camp Taji, Iraq, July 18, 2016.
US Troops In Iraq Are Training Iraqi Soldiers To Become Rangers
Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division are running a Ranger-style training program for Iraqi forces at Camp Taji near Baghdad.
Fort Benning
Soldier Dies After First Day Of Ranger School
2nd. Lt. Michael Parros died of hyponatremia, an abnormally low level of sodium in the blood.
Capt. Stephen Maguire, who was blinded as the result of an injury in Vietnam, speaks of reclaiming adversity from within.
70-Year-Old Ranger Blinded In Vietnam Says He’s Been On ‘Extended Night Mission’
After going blind at 24, Capt. Stephen Maguire told himself he was on an extended night mission.
Chef Gordon Ramsay aims to kill.
Fort Benning Soldier Takes Gordon Ramsay On Wild Hog Hunt
The celebrity chef and former host of “Kitchen Nightmares” isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.
After completing an obstacle course, soldiers at Fort Benning, Georgia, help each other toward the next challenge.
Joining the Military
What Soldiers In The Infantry Go Through To Earn Their Title
An Army drill sergeant discusses the rite of passage soldiers undergo before they become infantrymen.