U.S. Marine Corps Pfc. Natalie Price, center, assigned to Charlie Company, Infantry Training Battalion (ITB), School of Infantry-East, graduates ITB at Camp Geiger, N.C., April 6, 2017.
How A Forward-Looking Approach To Gender Will Make The Marines Stronger
U.S. Marine Recruits with B. Co., 1st Battalion, and O. Co., 4th Battalion, Recruit Training Regiment, receive a class on U.S. Marine Corps history at Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) Albany, Ga., Oct. 7, 2016.
The Consequences Of Gender Segregation In Marine Boot Camp
The segregation of men and women at this most foundational level of indoctrination reinforces negative stereotypes about the abilities of servicewomen over their entire careers.
A second lieutenant shows his wife the ins and outs of an MRE at the battalion's Jane Wayne Day, Oct. 10, 2012.
How Leaders Can Sometimes Treat Men And Women Differently
Leaders rightly fear the harm that gossip and ‘perceived’ misbehavior can wreak even if nobody did anything wrong.
Sgt. Debra C. Riddle, anti-tank missileman, and Cpl. Thomas P. Gray III, anti-tank missileman  both with Weapons Company, Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force, fire the Mk-153 shoulder-launched multipurpose assault weapon during a squad supported attack at Range G6 aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Feb. 4, 2015.
Joining the Military
What It Now Takes To Enter A Combat Job In The Marine Corps
Here’s a breakdown of the Marine Corps' new standards for Marines entering combat arms jobs.
Then-acting Secretary of the Army Patrick Murphy (right) greets Maj. Marietta Sanders, as he prepares to depart Bagram Air Field.
The Army Under Secretary On How Women Fit Into The Army’s Future
Under Secretary of the Army Patrick Murphy discusses gender integration, women in combat, and leadership at the small-unit level.