Memorial service and funeral for Maj. R. Sterling Norton
Family & Relationships
We’ve Broken Ground On A Memorial For Gold Star Families
In breaking ground on the memorial in Annapolis, Maryland, officials called it "something no one wants, but that all of America needs."
Brittany Jacobs and her son Christian, 5, visit the grave of her husband and his father, U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Christopher Jacobs, in Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery for Memorial Day.
Family & Relationships
What Happens When A Blue Star Turns Gold
Nothing can prepare you for the loss of a military family member, but there is hope for survivors.
Sgt. 1st Class Kevin King, U.S. Army Central G9 operations sergeant, passes out Valentine's Day cards designed by local school children to veterans at the Atlanta VA Medical Center, Feb. 15, 2008 in recognition of National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans Week.
Veterans Benefits
VA Offers Special Pension Benefit To Disabled Vets And Spouses
The VA’s “Aid & Attendance” pension benefit offsets financial burdens felt by disabled veterans or surviving spouses.
This April 1, 2015 photo shows the Department of Veterans Affairs medical facility in North Las Vegas.
Veterans Benefits
Here’s A VA Benefit We Bet You Didn’t Know About
The Survivors’ and Dependents’ Education Assistance Program provides aid to dependents of fallen or disabled veterans.
Health & Fitness
How A Gold Star Wife Channeled Grief Into Something Meaningful
Brittney Hogan turned struggle into strength after her husband died and encourages others to combat grief with passion.
Maggie Seymour finished the last 10 miles of the Javelina Jundred miler in Arizona, Nov. 2014.
This Marine Is About To Run 161 Miles In Honor Of Fallen Servicewomen
In honor of the 161 women killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, Capt. Maggie Seymour will run a 161 miles over four days.
Chris Ring on day 86 of his swim down the Mississippi River
This Navy SEAL Just Swam The Mississippi River To Honor Those Killed In Combat
Former Navy SEAL Chris Ring vowed to swim 2,552 miles in honor of fallen heroes and their families.