"Everyday carry" is supposed to be just that: the stuff you always need, or wish you had, to tackle whatever life throws at you on a daily basis. Sure, loading up on EDC goodies can be about looking tacticool if you really want — a consumerist orgasm of virtue-signaling with "pieces of man-flair," as T&P; contributor Francis Horton put it in his recent coverage of sometime White House adviser and all-time military wannabe Sebastian Gorka's EDC-themed cry for help. But for the rest of us, practicality might actually be a primary concern.

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Photoillustration/Recoil Magazine

Recently, Recoil Magazine got an exclusive interview with former presidential advisor and bad-parking aficionado Sebastian Gorka. If you need a refresher, Gorka was the White House official surrounded by controversy because of his Islamophobia, exaggerated credentials, links to Nazis, and general disregard for gun safety.

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