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Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but your iPhone is watching you 24/7. Many of the conveniences that come with your smartphone come at a cost to your privacy and security. And while you can’t own one of these pocket computers and be totally off the grid, there are a number of ways you can share a little less information with it, as detailed by Life Hacker.

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How The US Military Invented The iPhone

U.S. Army photo by Maj. Myles Caggins

For those anxiously awaiting the release of Apple’s iPhone 7, they might be interested to know that the software company isn’t entirely responsible for the underlying technology behind their newest smartphone. Or for that matter, the technology behind many of their products, from iPhones, to iPads, and iPods.

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Photo illustration by Matt Battaglia

When Apple unveiled its first batch of iPhone emojis several years ago, I was incredulous. Using childish cartoons in place of actual words seemed like something only a teenage girl or a middle-aged man who’s “hip with the kids” would do. Then I discovered the revolver emoji, and, just like that, I was converted. Now, at last, I had a convenient way to communicate to my friends and loved ones exactly what I was feeling whenever my life turned sour grapes, as it’s prone to do. Hungover? Bad day at work? Fly unzipped on the subway, again!? Those moments could be summed up quickly with a little yellow face followed by a gun pointing at that face. Boom.  

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Army National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Roby Di Giovine

As the Apple-Android phone debate continues unresolved among civilians, Army Special Operations Command has chosen a side: iPhone.

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Screenshot via YouTube

You ever shot a .50 cal? You ever shot a .50 cal — on weed? Richard Ryan of FullMag Studios has, and he filmed it.

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After hours of sending texts back and forth with your military and veteran buddies, it’s likely that your arsenal of sarcastic memes and inside jokes will be running low.

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