Spc. Conklin with the Nebraska National Guard, writes his essay during the last event of the day for the Task Force Gridley Soldier of the Quarter Competition on March 21 in Paktika province, Afghanistan.
The Most Common Mistakes Veterans Make On Their Resumes
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Army Staff Sgt. Luis Guzman, 169th Aviation Regiment, catches up on email in Shooters recreation center at the Transit Center at Manas, Kyrgyzstan.
Your Resume Absolutely Needs This One Thing
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Job-seeking veterans and service members speak with a prospective employer at a job fair at Nationals Park on Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012.
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Students in the third phase of the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL school rappel down a 60-foot tower in Coronado. For those students who go on to become Navy SEALs, this marks the first of many rappels to come in their careers.
11 Things Modern Veterans Contribute To The Workplace
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6 Tips For Transitioning To The Private Sector
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U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jermel Freeman, Vincent Airman Leadership School instructor, inspects Senior Airman Eric Meza, 1st Special Operations Communication Squadron, during a service dress uniform inspection, Hurlburt Field, Fla., Sept. 15. This is the first of three uniform inspections for the class 11 Alpha.
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