A YouTube screenshot of a video spoof called "Dog Wick" by Rocket Jump.
In Hilarious ‘John Wick’ Spoof, The Dog Is Back And Looking For Vengeance
This video answers two key questions: What if John Wick died instead of his dog? And what if his dog was actually a highly trained killing machine?
A YouTube screenshot from the trailer for "John Wick: Chapter 2" show's Keanu Reeves reprising his role as the franchise's master assassin.
This New ‘John Wick’ Trailer Is Absolutely Insane
The new trailer for “John Wick: Chapter 2” is packed with the hyper-stylized violence and mayhem we’ve come to expect from the franchise’s master assassin.
Sgt. Dalton Anonsen engages targets while dragging a casualty dummy through a course of fire in the Pacific Combat Shooting Match on the Kaneohe Bay Range Training Facility aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii, March 16, 2016.
Joining the Military
Marines Show How To Dominate At 3-Gun Shooting
We asked a pro shooter on the Marine Corps action shooting team how to dominate at three-gun shooting.
Arch Motorcycle's KRGT-1
Keanu Reeves Is Building Custom Bikes, And They Look Awesome
Keanu Reeves will build your dream hog from the ground up. For a price.
A screenshot from a March 3 YouTube video by Tarantino Tactical shows Keanu Reeves running a 3-gun relay drill.
Watch Keanu Reeves Destroy This Gun Range
Footage shows the “John Wick 2” star decimating targets during a 3-gun relay drill.