This RAND Employment Report Has Some Good News And Advice For Vets
The 100,000 Jobs Missions report has some good news for transitioning service member and veterans looking for civilian employment. Here are some of the highlights.
A leap of faith
Why Planning Your Military Transition In Advance Is More Important Than You Think
Be smart and start planning for your exit from the military well in advance. You’ll breathe easier if you do.
Financial planning is essential for all military personnel.
Here’s How Messing Up Your Military Transition Can Cost You Big Time
A few hours of extra preparation work every week before you separate from the military can save you tens of thousands of dollars and needless heartache down the road.
hiring event
5 Ways To Be More Effective At Networking
When done properly, networking is neither sleazy nor forced and can be the key to landing your next job.
America Should Not Forget About The War In Afghanistan
Remember that other war we're still in engaged in?