The Navy wants to slap a laser on a littoral combat ship for the first time

The Navy plans on slapping a laser weapon on a littoral combat ship for the first time in the next year amid increased efforts to field laser systems aboard surface warships, USNI News reports


The Navy wants to ditch 4 of its 'little crappy ships' more than a decade early

In the latest sign that the Navy seems to have finally given up on the issue-plagued 'little crappy ships,' the service reportedly plans on decommissioning its first four littoral combat ship in 2021 to save cash.


74 years after its namesake's infamous sinking, the USS Indianapolis is ready for service

Only 317 of the USS Indianapolis's 1,196 sailors survived after five days afloat in the Pacific. Some died from dehydration; others were killed by sharks. It was the biggest loss of life in the Navy's history


The Navy just blew the hell out of an old frigate with its new ship-killer missile in a message to China

"LCS packs a punch and gives potential adversaries another reason to stay awake at night."


The Navy's 'Little Crappy Ship' is officially a complete failure

Just six littoral combat ships were deployable in 2019, a low readiness rate calls into question the wisdom of the Navy's investment in the type