M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank leads the march for 1st Battalion, 64th Armor Regiment for the opening ceremony of Exercise Noble Partner May 11, 2016 at Vaziani Training Area.
Exercise Noble Partner 16 is a Georgian and U.S. military training exercise taking place at Vaziani Training Area, Georgia, May 11 to 26, 2016.
The Army’s Tanks And Guns Are Falling Behind
The last 16 years of war have taken a real toll on modernization in the U.S., while Russia and China have been busy developing new systems.
A soldier checks the battery box and connections on his M1A1 Abrams tank after gunnery qualifications on the Blackwell multi-use range on Fort Hood May 28, 2013.
Joining the Military
Confessions Of A Tank Commander
A former tanker explains what it’s like to go to war in a tank and where you take a dump when out on an operation.