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Inmate Ron G Self, a U. S Marine Veteran and founder of the Veterans Healing Veterans program meditates during a yoga session inside San Quentin State Prison, Marin California on March 12th, 2014. Ron G Self, started the Veterans Healing Veterans Program in 2012 specifically to address psychological , emotional and ethical issues of veterans related to their active duty in the military, and to explore how their personal experiences may have contributed to the behavior that resulted in their committing a crime.The program offers cognitive behavioral processing and mind/body integration support and seeks to share its healing work with veterans on the outside. In a 2013 interview with The Huffington Post Mr. Self Explained the importance of Yoga in his program, Self explained that “ Yoga is one tool that need to be in the toolbox. It allows the body to let go of things the mind has chosen to ignore. If the body is in pain, it provides a distraction, a reason if you will for the mind to not face the traumas that are lingering in the shadows of a veteran’s psyche.If the body is healing through yoga and meditation , the mind can also heal.
Incarcerated Veterans Are Finding Relief In Meditation And Yoga
Military service members are sent to battle under the pretense of protecting their fellow citizens. When they return war torn, battle weary, and broken, they deserve to be embraced for their sacrifice and supported when in need. Suffering from the trauma of combat, incarcerated veterans turn to each other for the healing that is too often neglected by the state. The Veterans Healing Veterans program at San Quentin State Prison offers inmates the opportunity to seek solace in one another through narrative group therapy, meditation, and restorative yoga.