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With its larger metropolitan areas, centers of commerce, vibrant culture scene, and breathtaking four seasons, the Northeast has a lot to offer veterans of all ranks who are transitioning from military to civilian life. The region is home to approximately 56 million people and countless businesses. Those former service members or military family members who are looking for great opportunities with companies that understand the value of military training and service should explore the variety of full and part-time openings with these five Hirepurpose partner companies.

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U.S. Army photo

The Army places a lot of emphasis on having a highly trained, highly experienced cadre of instructors for their schools. To begin with, there is a rank requirement: If you are not yet a staff sergeant, you will not be standing in front of any kind of formal military classroom. Next, complete 160 hours of training and evaluated teaching, and you just might earn your basic Army instructor badge. Next challenge is the senior Army instructor badge. Tack on 400 more hours soloing and more evaluations to get that. The next and final qualification is the master Army instructor badge, which requires 400 hours as primary instructor, followed by a more rigorous oral board administered by other instructors. And true to military tradition, this oral board will not be a stroll through the park. Since most instructors receiving this badge have well over 20 years of service in by the time they retire, you now have the following as your baseline skill set: 20+ years of military experience, and at least 1,000 hours of evaluated classroom teaching and formal training, all wrapped up in the soldier’s current career field. So what can you do with this skill set?

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