Congratulations to Michael Clark III and Haley Jenkins, winners of the 2015 Nick and Mary Mathews Scholarship and Captain Carlton Wright Scholarship, respectively.
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How Military Children Can Find And Earn College Scholarships
There are tons of scholarships for military children — here’s how you can find and receive them.
Family & Relationships
Military Kids: Flexible And Well-Adjusted, Except When They’re Not
A military mother writes about her family’s experience and the challenges kids face living up to the high standard of the “military child.”
Sgt. James Fontenot, of Susanville, Calif., embraces his children Scarlett, 3, left, and James II, 2, Sunday, Jan. 29, 2012 at the National Guard office in Oroville, California.
Family & Relationships
Military Children And The Effects Of 14 Years Of War
How will the costs of being at sustained war for more than a decade impact the children who grew up without a parent? The truth is, we don’t know the answer.