Marines cheer and embrace after winning an event during a 'Teufel Hunden' challenge November 22, 2016 on Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.
Military Benefits
Troops Could See An Even Bigger Pay Raise Than Expected In January
A final bill isn’t likely until after the inauguration. A temporary one could still include a bigger pay raise than troops have had since 2011.
In this Sept. 15, 2015, photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event aboard the retired ship USS Iowa in Los Angeles. The Associated Press has learned that the Internal Revenue Service has revoked the non-profit status of Veterans for a Strong America, the veterans organization that hosted Trump’s foreign policy speech.
Military Benefits
Trump’s Victory Could Mean Bigger Pay Raises For Troops
Military pay raises have been held to less than 2% since 2011, below that of private sector wage growth, while troops have been stressed by deployments.