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The Bravest Thing I’ve Ever Done Is Become A Full-Time Parent
There's little security in being the parent who holds the family together when the other parent constantly absent.
R. Riveter founders Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse pitch their company on “Shark Tank,” February 2016.
Here’s How 2 Army Wives Built A Badass, All-American Business
Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse grew what is now a hugely successful, all-American business from very little resources or material, all in the name of helping other military spouses.
Capt. Joe Faraone reunites with his wife, Suk, Jan. 15, 2014, at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, The Airman returned from a deployment to Southwest Asia in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Faraone serves with the 606th Air Control Squadron.
Family & Relationships
15 Things You Only Understand If Your Husband Deployed
There are parts of military family life that are universal. Here are 15 of them.
Army helps soldiers have courage to seek help.
Family & Relationships
How To Embrace The Suck Of Military Divorce
Military divorce is hard, but here are some tips that might make it a little easier.
Family & Relationships
Photo Of Breastfeeding Army Wife Goes Viral
Army wife Naomi Jael Covert instagrammed a breastfeeding photo from a wedding that has since garnered 12,000 likes.
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How This Woman Took Control Of Her Life After Her Husband Was KIA
Virago Fitness founder Brittney Hogan explains how to work fitness into your daily routine.
Members of the 133rd Airlift Wing recently say goodbye to family and friends in St. Paul, Minnesota, prior to departing for a deployment.
Family & Relationships
3 Postwar Challenges That Military Families Continue To Face
The realities of postwar life impact more than just service members.
Sharlay Smith poses for a photo in the Jacksonville, Florida home office where she runs the website homeportadvantagejobexchange.com which matches up employers with military spouses looking for work.
Mil Spouses: Convert Your Job Into A Teleworking Role
Consider these five steps to pitching your boss on teleworking before resigning from your current position due to orders.
military spouses economic sacrifice
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5 Reasons Why Military Spouses Are Badass
Military spouses, though having taken no oath of service to the government, make a different kind of promise to serve.
Lizanne Carlson (right) is awarded 2015 MSJDN Exceptional Service Award.
This Human Interest Lawyer Refuses To Let Military Life Interfere With Her Career
Lizanne Carlson, a military spouse and human interest lawyer, is helping to change the lives of others through her advocacy.
MIlitary spouses Lisa Williams, right, and Sarah Conrad, pledge allegiance to the flag during a 7th annual National Military Spouses Day event in Johnstown,PA., Fri., May 8, 2015.
Why More Military Spouses Need To Share Their Stories
Part of the 21st century's war story belongs to the military spouse. Their stories need to be heard.