Spc. Enrique Roman-Martinez

Army offers $15K for information on suspected murder of 82nd Airborne soldier

"Spc. Roman-Martinez had a great attitude and the tragedy of his loss is felt by all of us."

Navy protestor

Protester wearing Navy uniform refuses to leave the ocean amid beach closures

Hours after the incident, the town announced it would lift the ban on beach access. At least 24 people in the county tested positive for COVID-19 and two have died as of Friday.

Mysterious sea device

Suspicious military device washes up on Outer Banks beach. It won't explode, cops say

"So this curious visitor washed up on the beach today ... It has understandably caused some concern, but it’s not dangerous."


Flashbangs are 'weapons of mass death and destruction,' North Carolina Supreme Court rules

The Supreme Court of North Carolina recently ruled that flashbangs — which are often used by law enforcement agencies and the military to clear rooms — are not, in fact, non-lethal stun grenades but actually weapons of "mass death and destruction."


Feds say former sergeant posed as a Marine officer to help a friend bring guns into Haiti

Two federal law enforcement agencies are investigating whether a former Marine impersonated an officer to help an active duty infantryman smuggle arms into Haiti, according to court filings viewed by Task & Purpose.